We have a variety of facilities—including Sanctuary, Library, Kitchen, Social Hall, and Gift Shop, and Daycare.
Click each one’s tab to find out more.
Please note that rental of the facilities is subject to the terms of our Facilities Rental Policy.
The Congregation Emanu-El sanctuary is one of the few surviving masterpieces of the noted architects Wright & Sanders (for more information, see our History section). It is a rare example of the nineteenth-century Romanesque style synagogue architecture in Canada.
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Social Hall (Annex)
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With our new social hall adjacent to the kitchen, our synagogue could be a perfect place for your next simḥah!
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Kitchen & Catering
Congregation Emanu-El has a kitchen that is kosher (dairy), under the supervision of Rabbi Harry Brechner. The kitchen manager has a list of caterers who are familiar with the kitchen and can observe kashrut.

For further information, and the rental of the kitchen please call the synagogue office at 250-382-0615
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Simcha Gift Shop
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Our community gift shop
  • sells a range of fine and simple Judaica, for adults and children, all year round;
  • donates all profits to assist the Hebrew School;
  • is open during synagogue office hours, 9:30 am-2:30 pm, Tuesday through Thursday;
  • seeks to accommodate special requests
  • All profits from the community gift shop are donated to assist the Hebrew School.

For more information, visit the Simcha Shop website, or call Amber Woods at 250-382-0615
Shalom Daycare
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We have a very special daycare upstairs in our building—run by Lena Abramov and her team—where most of kids from the Community get their early childhood education
See the Shalom Daycare website for more information.
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Congregation Emanu-El
1461 Blanshard Street, Victoria, B.C. V8W 2J3 Canada • Tel: 250-382-0615 • InfoAtCongEman
Office hours: Tues–Thurs 9:30am-2:30pm