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We would be delighted to welcome you as a member of Congregation Emanu-El, Canada's oldest synagogue in continuous use. It is the involvement and financial support of people in the community that allow the Synagogue to survive and Jewish life in Victoria to flourish. It is important to keep the chain alive that links us from generation to generation.

The Membership Committee
The primary role of the Membership Committee is to sustain and grow Synagogue membership through outreach and contact with past, present, and potential members. Together with the Synagogue Board, the Committee prepares membership policies. This Committee also reaches out to unaffiliated Jewish individuals and families and to inter-married families in the Victoria region. It is our hope to welcome them into Congregation Emanu-El. We wish to build warm, caring and inclusive relationships, and in the process strengthen our community, and by extension, the greater community of Israel.

Membership Dues
While membership pledges are essential for the financial well-being of our synagogue, no one will be excluded from membership due to a lack of personal finances. Note that membership contributions are considered a charitable donation for tax purposes.
For more information please contact our Membership Chair or the synagogue office at (250) 382-0615.

Membership Year: June 1–May 31*

(payment is due June 1st)

Out of town or temporary resident
Family $1188.00
Single $594.00

Greater Victoria & surrounding areas (Capital Region District)
  • Family $2376.00 family
  • Single $1188.00 individual
  • Post-secondary student $36.00 (up to age 30)

Out of Town Members and Temporary Residents of Victoria:
  • Family $1188.00
  • Single $594.00
  • (50% of Victoria Family or Individual rates)

* Updated for 2023
Membership contributions are considered a charitable donation for tax purposes
Membership contributions are considered a charitable donation for tax purposes